Thursday, October 1, 2009

Family Dinner in 2009

Does anyone see a problem with this picture? Besides the fact that we are at a restaurant and not enjoying a 3-course home cooked meal at the house...

Little Man is playing "Brick Breaker" on my Blackberry and Randy is texting someone about work. And I am sitting there with no one to talk to because everyone is so engrossed in their electronic gadget. Welcome to family dinner... 2009 style.


  1. What's the problem. That's me at every meal. Except I am on Brightkite, Twitter, Facebook, Email, Google Reader or some other site.

    It's alarming how short my attention span is somedays.


  2. HEY!!! your the mom! put your foot down. not allowed at the Kneggs household. Well, really only for me. Hubby doesn't text, FB, Twitter, or anything. But, no blackberry or gaming allowed at the table. Life's too short.