Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yeah, I'm in my Pajamas. So what?

Right now, as I type, it's 10:09 AM.

I have not brushed my hair or my teeth. I am still in the T-shirt I slept in the night before. If you came to my house right now, you'd think I just rolled out of bed.

You would be wrong.

I used to work in the corporate world. I would be up at 6 AM every day to shower and strap on those stilettos for a hard day at the office.  I worked really hard from 10 AM to 4 PM and collected a hefty paycheck.

I say 10 AM to 4 PM, because you have to factor in the time I spent reading the morning papers, drinking coffee and surfing the web. That took up from 8:30-10 usually, depending on what kind of scandal had been reported on Perez Hilton. Then I'd take an hour for lunch, sometimes longer. And then I left the office at 4 PM. Well... because I could. I always liked to say that I worked smart - not hard. It was a good life.  Till it wasn't.

Bad News:   The recession hit and advertising sales diminished.  Commission sales stunk.

Good News: I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and use my marketing talents to pursue a dream. A dream called - social media marketing.

Now, I own my own advertising agency. Well, I co-own it with my husband. Okay, technically, it's his business but since we're married I figure 50% of it is legally mine anyway. And the beauty of working from home is that I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want, dressed however I want.

Today is a great example of a typical day for me. I've been up since 6:30 AM. I've had 3 cups of coffee, checked and responded to email, finished a proposal, wrote a press release AND watched Sex and the City. And it's now 10:23 AM.  After lunch, I have a video shoot.  Then, I'll scour the web for online mentions of my clients, make some Facebook posts and do some tweeting. About 4 PM, I'll probably take a shower because I have a dinner date with my BFFF (Best Fried Food Friend) Gina and her new husband, Derek.

I thought I would miss the "buzz" of an office. Having coworkers to talk to and share gossip with. Yeah, not so much.

In fact, it's made me super productive to not have the distractions and I find that I am spending more quality time with friends than I did before because I'm not burned out on talking to people all day like I was at my old job.

Here's a picture of my new assistant, Tuco. He's a good listener and never talks back.

Owning a start-up business? It's ball bustingly hard. In fact, I can honestly say I've never worked so hard in my life.

I am still all about working smart vs. working hard.   But now I see that working hard gives me the freedom to be the Master of My Own Destiny.  So, I'm doing both.  And I am having a ball!

In my pajamas.


  1. I agree 100% with everything you said. I'm typing from my pajamas now too. ;-) I look back on corporate life and wonder how I tolerated it for so long. It saps the life out of people's lives without most people even realizing it. I thought I'd miss the buzz of people but instead I have the buzz of networking events and client meetings, so the ironic net effect is that I get to meet a lot more people than I did in an office.

  2. And what a great t-shirt you picked to wear ;-)


  3. I joined your tribe! I'm working from home now too ... Every once in a while I look up and notice that I'm doing odd domestic tasks - I find myself painting the fence and dusting the blades on the ceiling fan ... I don't miss the stilettos at all. I realized that I can get my old 9 hour day packed in to 5 hours too. Amazing.

  4. Everyone should watch the documentary, "The Corporation," to see EXACTLY what most corporations are all about. And Cynthia, your Longhorn lingerie is smokin' hot!