Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Bachelor is back! Did you care that he was gone?

The Bachelor: Brad Womack
Does anybody watch The Bachelor anymore?

That's what I wondered to myself when I received an invitation to attend the season premier at Bailey's Prime Plus Steakhouse in Park Lane.

The invite went on to proclaim, "The Bachelor is Back! Join blogger Reality Steve (pictured below) and Tanner Pope from Season 5 of "The Bachelorette" for a season premiere party of ABC's "The Bachelor" at Bailey's Prime Plus Dallas at The Shops at Park Lane.

Enjoy half-priced specialty cocktails including Bailey's Cosmotini, the Coco Chanel, Cucumber Martini, Bailey’s Mojito, Rootbeer Float and Passion Star Martini, half-priced house wines, domestic beers and well drinks."

You had me at "half-priced cocktails" ...  I had the Bailey's Cosmotini, which is a bubbling concoction that looks like witch's brew. I had it last time I was here for the Park Lane Mom Blogger Event. Click to watch the video. This drink is AMAZING.

Top Row:  (L) The gals of D Magazine, who regularly dish about The Bachelor on FrontBurner (R) Alison Volk,  cute boy whose name escapes me, and Bri Crum, Plan B PR.  Bottom Row: Catherine Flagg, Jackson Flagg PR and Reality Steve

Well, apparently, a lot of people still care about this show because there was a fine looking crowd at Bailey's last night.  I ran into fellow blogger, Farah Fleurima aka The Dallas Diva at the bar. Like any good blogger, she was trying to balance her drink and handbag with one hand and take pictures with her camera in the other.

Were some of them there (like me) for the drink specials and great people-watching? Probably, but it was still a fun night at a great bar.  And hey, as far as I'm concerned, there just cannot be enough reality TV on air. They don't call it the boob tube for nothing!


  1. I'm a fan of Bailey's. I went last year when they gave Bev a $100 gift certificate for touring one of the buildings around Park Lane. She actually talked to the GM about Facebook marketing. I guess they are doing it now. Good for them. It's a tough location (at least at this point). Once more businesses move over there, I'm sure it will be the next West Village.

  2. What does a gal have to do to get a ticket to a blogger mom event here in Dallas...i must be hidding uder a bridge.

  3. Hey @TamStyles! Thanks for the comment. I would imagine that a lot of companies/agencies find me from a simple SEO search. Is your blog optimized to get you found?