Friday, June 21, 2013

Social Snippets for the week of June 16, 2013

Social Snippets is a curation of all the best gossip and news from the previous week as seen on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, you name it... If it's on the web, I'll find it!

We know her as a Philanthropist, wife to Dancing With The Stars All-Stars champ/former Dallas Cowboys player Emmitt Smith and co-host of D: The Broadcast. Looks like we can now add jewelry designer to her list of talents.  Pat Smith tweeted out this photo last Friday saying, "Sneak peak of my jewelry collection by @faithcojewelry debuting July 21!! #behindthescenes #glamourrx."  

That same day, she spent time with Kathy Najimy who was in town to speak at a fundraiser for Hope's Door tweeting, "Lucky to spend some time with @HopesDoorInc keynote speaker @kathynajimy". 

Reason #248 why these two are the most adorable couple I've ever met was this tweet from Emmitt Smith in support of Pat's role as Chair of the Hope's Door luncheon.

Anybody have a clue why Hilary Swank was in town last Friday night? Whatever the reason, it's no surprise she turned up at Al Biernat's Steak House. This place is a celebrity magnet. They must have a manual that gets handed out in LA. "When you visit Dallas, stay at The Mansion and eat at Al's." Because everyone does.

Last week I told you about cast changes to the upcoming season of Big Rich Texas.  Just in case there was any doubt to the legitimacy of my claim that Nikki Rae Walker would not be returning, this post to their Fan Page says, "Ha. I was right."

Former Master Chef contestant, Tiffany Derry just debuted a new line of T-shirts for the fashionable foodie. She tells me that for now they are just being sold when she does appearances, but that a website is in the works. As soon as it's up, I will let you know so you can place your order.

On Wednesday the DMN posted this photo of Dirk Nowitski celebrating his birthday in Berlin, Germany. ESPN reported that "Nowitzki celebrated his 35th birthday in Berlin by dining with President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Obama was in Berlin to make a speech at Brandenberg Gate. Afterward, he sat down to dinner with Nowitzki and several German dignitaries."

KTXD Producer Stuart Boslow and Debbie Gibson

80s pop star Debbie Gibson was in town this week to promote a new show called CIRQUE MUSICA where acrobats perform to a live symphony orchestra.  Gibson wrote two new, original songs were for the show. She stopped by Fox 4 news to chat with Fiona Gorostiza and also made an appearance on KTXD's D: The Broadcast.