Friday, January 15, 2010

Denver Public Schools honors Martin Luther King's Bday and gets bitch-slapped upside the head.

To honor the birthday of one of America's finest citizens, Dr. Martin Luther King, Denver Pubic Schools offered a special lunch menu for January 15 which featured "Southern Style" chicken, collard greens and sweet potatoes.

Of course, they got lambasted for racial stereotyping. DPS apologized for the menu, saying it was "highly insensitive in light of certain hurtful stereotypes still harbored in parts of our society."
I read this and simultaneously laughed out loud and winced. To quote Bravo/Real Housewife of NYC, Betheny Frankel, I thought was "No they did 'unt!" I totally get their intention.

You hear minorities talk about the importance of preserving their culture and passing on their traditions. But if anyone outside the tribe talks about it - Lawd have mercy! You's a racist!  Come on... Let's cut the crap. What's the big whoop about fried chicken and sweet potatoes. How is this harmful and damaging to black/white race relations.

Listen, I'm as white as they come. I'm so white (literally) that my husband jokes I'm translucent. And guess what my favorite meal in the whole world is? Fried-chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans w/bacon, biscuits and peach cobbler. You know what this means? It means that the African-American culture has great taste! I don't even know what food white people are known for, but I can tell you it's not for anything near as good as fried-chicken.

I'm so sick of all this over-the-top political correctness. Can we swing back to the middle-of-the-road just a little bit and lighten up.