Saturday, January 16, 2010

Campisi's = A Win for Kids + Parents

We went to one of my favorite family restaurant's last night, Campisi's on Lovers Lane. They are world-famous (well, at least Dallas famous) for their square pizzas cut into strips. And they serve liquor, so you can get a glass of wine or a Cosmo.

A couple of years ago my friend, Lisa, told me about a pizza creation they had developed at Campisi's that consists of garlic, jalapeno and extra cheese. The garlic and jaapeno's are diced up super small and you have to get extra cheese to make it all blend in really well. I am telling you... there is no one who's ever eaten it (over the age of 20) who doesn't love it.

The other great thing about Campisi's in that the owner, David Campisi, lets the kids go back in the kitchen and make their own dessert. This is why the kids love this place. They have chocolate chip cookies, brownies, vanilla ice-cream and chocolate syrup. They can use these ingredients to design their own dessert. The kids go crazy!

As you can see, the kids totally dig this place.

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