Friday, May 7, 2010

Cynthia's Birthday Recap

What a great week! Wednesday was my birthday.

It's very cool to have your birthday on Cinco de Mayo, because there are always lots of party options. And since Mexican food and Margaritas are two of my favorite things, this lucky coincidence works in my favor.

My husband gave me an awesome present... he took me out for a leisurely lunch at Cafe R+D, one of our favorite spots.

How I know he really, really loves me, was that he took an hour and a half out of a work day (he's a MAJOR workaholic who will barely get up to get a cup of coffee because he might miss something on Twitter or his phone might ring) and sat on the patio (he hates to sit outside) and shared a dessert with me (he hates to share food).

I had a delicious Asian Chicken Salad and this incredible piece of Banana Cream Pie.

We came home from lunch and one of my very favorite clients had delivered a gift to my doorstep: a cute cactus plant, that they dug up from their Ranch.

Doesn't it look like Mickey Mouse ears? So cute! AND there was a gift certificate to Neighborhood Servcies.


I came home and started to do some work. That's when I got a birthday greeting from Google.

In the afternoon, I went to check my mail and I got a cool gift card from Anthropoligie. A brilliant piece of marketing that looked like a birthday card and the candle was a necklace. The card was an offer for 15% off my next purchase. Genius.

We went to Mi Cocina for dinner, along with half of Highland Park, so I got my Mexican food in on Cinco de Mayo. And then called it a day.

43 has started off pretty good.