Saturday, May 8, 2010

Disco Pimp Daddy

Every year, Bradfield holds a fundraiser for the school. It's a dinner/dance/auction and is always a lot of fun. There are always class parties you can buy a ticket for in the silent auction. Usually there would be a 3d grade girls party that might be a mani/pedi party and the 3d grade boys would get to play football with some of the HP Scots high school players. That kind of thing.
This year, some nit-wit got the bright idea to have a 4th grade school dance be the class party. Let's think about this.... a dance for 9 and 10 year olds. For one thing, this a terrible idea because they are so self-conscious that they wouldn't actually dance in front of their peers. Then, a handful of boys started asking girls to go as their dates. And then some girls started asking boys to go as their dates. And my 9 year old son freaked out. "I'm too shy to ask a girl," he said. I wouldn't have let him ask a girl even if he wasn't too shy.
Why would we put that kind of peer pressure on our children at such a young age. I remember my first school dance in SEVENTH grade and I was a wreck. To have them go through this torturous ritual in 4th grade is completely and utterly ridiculous.
Fortunately the school caught wind of this "date" situation and put a big kaboosh on that. They sent out an official e-mail that taking a date was not endorsed and this was a group activity.
Still.... for the love of Jesus.
And, I know, you are thinking "Then why let him go. Keep him at home if you think it's so stupid." Well, because he wants to go and he doesn't want to go. If the whole 4th grade is talking about it, it may be horrific but he can't miss it.
Friday night, Little Man went with 2 boys in his class to this ridiculous Disco Dance. And of course, he came home and said "No one danced". Gee, ya think?! I asked him if no one danced, why he was drenched with sweat and he said the girls just chased them around the gym.
And so it begins....