Friday, June 4, 2010

The Story of Grace

Once upon a time there lived a Mother and a Father and two little girls.

The Father died around 1924 and the Mother took her girls to live in a brand new 2 bedroom/1 bath house in a brand new development called, University Park. The girls grew up and the oldest daughter moved way and got married and had two sons.

The youngest daughter stayed close to home. She never married and when her Mother passed away, the house was left to the girl and she lived there until she died of old age last year. She had never done any major renovations to the house. It didn't even have central heat and air!

Miss Grace was quiet and kept to herself. She was friendly when you saw her watering her flowers in the front yard, but she never went out of her way to converse with you about the weather. Once, after we'd first moved to the block, I was trying to be a good neighbor and I asked her if she'd like to come over for lunch and she replied, "Oh, I couldn't accept your generous offer. You see, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to reciprocate".

Have you ever heard of anything so eloquent and Southern in your whole life!

I don't know if anyone on the block knew that when Grace was young, she was a gift-wrap paper designer for Neiman Marcus. Or that she was an artist who painted beautiful landscapes and flowers and kept the paintings stacked in her bedroom. It wasn't until she passed away, and her nephew came down from up North to clean out the house that he told me all the special things about his Aunt that we, her neighbors, had never gleaned.

The house was left to her 2 nephews (who are in their 70's), who sold it to a developer. Last week, they came and put a fence around her house to keep the kids out. Then they removed all the doors and windows and knocked down the chimney.

Today, a bulldozer came and in 45 minutes, they demolished the home that Miss Grace spent 85+ years in.
It felt a little sad to see a life wiped out so quickly. The good news is that the kids in our neighborhood will now have an empty lot to play in all Summer!!

Miss Grace was a true Southern belle and I will always remember her fondly.