Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Park Cities? It's a Jungle Out There!

Crikey! You just never know what's going to hit your inbox. Today, I got this e-alert from a neighbor on Purdue, who got it from a neighbor on Hanover, and by tomorrow I'm sure it will have worked it's way over to Beverly Drive.

Dear All,

...I had a wonderful encounter with nature this afternoon in my back yard.  I went outside to check on my orchids, which are hanging in pots along my east fence ...  I noticed that there was a squirrel on the fence, that was not at all worried about me and then looked up and about had a heart attack.

I was about to grab an orchid that had a new bloom when I looked up and saw this snake sitting on our fence.  I ran to my back porch and ran inside... to make sure that her boys were not playing a joke on me.  I quickly realized that it was not a joke and called the UP Police department -not 911 - but the 363 number and they sent over two officers.

Rat Snake on Hanover

Well, it was a 5-6 foot rat snake perched on my fence about to get that squirrel.  I was hyperventilating and about to go nuts as the police officers decided what to do.  They brought nothing to the call so they tried to get it with a shovel and rake that I had.  They got him down in my yard and he got away by scurrying along the fence...  We have not seen him again.

He is not poisonous but is mean - as told by the exterminator.  We called Critter Catchers and they told us that they could come out, but that Rat snakes are nomads and wander, so he had probably moved on.  No telling what that means.  SOOOOO - here is the number to Critter Catchers - 817-222-1101.  Call them immediately if you see him as the UP police were obviously not that in charge.  Apparently the animal control officer is off on Mondays!!!

A rat is bad enough... but a rat snake? (Shudder) This is why I left the country and moved to the city.  Well, one of the reasons, anyway.  There's just never a dull moment in Park Cities, I tell you.

Originally posted on June 28, 2010 at You+Media