Monday, August 30, 2010

Glimpses from the first week of HPISD 2010

For some it was a highly anticipated event, for others a day that was met with much wailing and nashing of teeth: The start of a new school year.

I couldn't wait to pick Jackson up on his first day of Middle School to see how the transition went from Bradfield Elementary School to M.I.S.

His response?  "I had a great day.  I get to sit by a hot girl!". Well, there you go. All is right with the world.

Our biggest quandary was where to drop off and pick him up.  The carpool line at McCulloch Middle School has many urban myths surrounding it.  It's the subject of much confusion and terror. I'm so scared I'll get sucked into its vortex, never to return, that I haven't even attempted to try it.

First day of 5th grade
We picked a spot several blocks away that's been working out just fine.  For those of you who are fearless enough to battle the evil forces of traffic, Park Cities People reports that,  "Principal Laurie Norton said changes to the queue lane on the Granada Avenue side of the school should help move traffic along and discourage parents from dropping kids off outside of the designated lane."  Hmmm, we'll see about that.

On Wednesday (New School Year/Day 3) it rained.  Really? On the first week of school?  Thanks, Mother Nature.

You know how an ant pile looks when you accidentally kick one and all the ants go scurrying about in a million different directions. This is what it must have looked like around all the schools from up in Heaven.  Guess God needed a laugh that day.

That night, Jackson had his first football practice.  He came home and told me he fell during a tackle drill "and a thorn went into his knee."  I couldn't see a puncture wound or a bruise, so I patted him on the head and said, "Oh, poor baby... You're fine. Suck it up."

Thursday, I get a call from the school nurse that his knee is swollen up like an orange and its hot to the touch. Turns out there was a fragment of said "thorn" stuck in his knee that caused inflammation and swelling. $140 bucks later, we have antibiotics and he's on the sidelines for a few days.

When you have a boy, it just wouldn't be the first week of school if you didn't end up in the nurse's office... We're off to the usual start!