Friday, October 22, 2010

How often do you wash your hair?

One of my favorite PC writers (That's Park Cities - not Politically Correct) Merritt Patterson, shared today,  "I received this e-mail from a reader and it absolutely made my day."

I think I saw you in line at CVS the other day and I noticed you were buying Pssssst! I hadn’t thought about that stuff since college and as I stood there I remembered how easy my life was when I had it.

I left the line and went in search of it. I got the last can and my life is complete. Thank you for silently reminding me that even women in the Park Cities can have dirty hair. I remember a long time ago you wrote a column about rules for Park Cities women, are we breaking any if we have dirty hair?

Merritt goes on to reveal what she thinks the Rules of Dirty Hair should be.

This got me wondering... How ofter do you wash your hair? I never knew there were dirty hair rules!  What are these "rules" I was supposed to be following?  I wash my hair every other day, because it's oily and if I didn't, it would look disgusting. If you have dry hair, maybe you can get away with 4+ days - but then I think you start to get that unclean smell. Ewwww.