Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Under the Arches with You+Dallas: Euphoria

One of the great things about being a Mom Blogger, living in a cosmopolitan city like Dallas, is the variety of cultural events we have access to. From fashion shows to charity galas, art exhibits to NASCAR racing, horse races to the Symphony. Dallas has something for everyone. All the time!

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend Euforia featuring the art of Rolando Diaz, who created an original work of art on the spot inspired by the music of Seth Simmons. These two are an incredible team.  Seth's incredible playing style accompanied by the DART buses whizzing past the Downtown Dallas offices of You+Media made for an amazing night!

From the website of You+Dallas:
Under the arched driveway of our 92-year-old building on Commerce St., You+Dallas hosted 150 arts lovers to come and enjoy the visual spectacle of "Euforia." It's a unique experience where Cuban artist Rolando Diaz paints as acclaimed musician Seth Simmons plays piano. The crowd also enjoyed great wines plus incredible food from Parigi on Oak Lawn.