Thursday, February 24, 2011

5 minutes. 20 slides. What would you say?

Five minutes, 20 slides. What would you say?

Last night at Ignite Dallas, 16 artists, technologists, thinkers, and personalities took the stage to answer this challenge. 

They describe their event this way, "Ignite is fast-paced, fun, thought-provoking, social, local, global. It’s a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks by people who have an idea—and the guts to get onstage and share it with their hometown crowd. Presentations are a mix of serious vs. fun presentations, and are often about geeky activities…"

Curious onlookers gathered at the Granada Theater to hear a random presentation of ideas and philosophies from seasoned professionals to virgin speakers.

Here are a few nuggets of wisdom I gleaned from tonight's event:

From Redheads to Rowing, Prison Entrepreneurship to the Digital Decade, Why you should own a dog to Frida Kahlo; the topics were varied, funny, moving, interesting and most of all... thought provoking.

Ignite Dallas 4 will be back at the Granada sometime this Summer. I highly encourage you to attend. You might even consider presenting: 5 minutes. 20 slides.  What do you have to say?