Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can vitamins really make your hair grow?

When Dr. Kenneth Cooper talks, people listen.

Apparently, when I talk, Dr. Cooper listens (or his PR people do anyway)!

I have blogged on more than one occasion about the trauma one must endure when growing out bangs.  Today in the mail I got a hefty supply of Cooper Complete vitamins for Skin, Hair and Nails to aid me in my efforts to grow out these cursed bangs. AWESOME! And hey, if it helps my skin and nails in the process, then that's just a bonus.

“Our customers rave about the supplement, and it’s not unusual for them to report visible improvements within 60 to 90 days,” says Todd Whitthorne, president and CEO of Cooper Concepts in Dallas.

We'll see about that, Mr. Whitthorne. We shall just see about that...  I am starting these supplements tomorrow and will give you my 90-Day recap. 

Left: May 2010     Middle: October 2010     Right: March 2011