Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meet the Bitch

According to latest reports, Leslie Bibb has been cast to play Amanda Vaughn in GCB.  You may recognize her from her role as a hottie reporter in Iron Man.

ABC-TV publicist Erin Felentzer says, "Sex and the City creator Darren Star's adaptation of Kim Gatlin's book about a divorced mother of two moving back to the Park Cities is no longer called Good Christian Bitches."  Instead, she says,  "We are calling it GCB,"

The Observer says this "isn't surprising but is disappointing. And, keep in mind, that title too isn't set in stone; it'll likely change several more times between now and if/when it airs."

Jennifer Aspen who most recently appeared in Glee and Annie Potts of Ghostbusters fame, have also been cast.  I have been following this project since it was mere innuendo. I am happy to see a date announced, making this a reality!

The pilot will be shot in Dallas and filming is scheduled to begin sometime around March 21.  Keep your eyes open for star sightings, people!