Friday, April 29, 2011

Bistro 31 is under construction!


I had a fortunate encounter with the charming Alberto Lombardi over lunch at Taverna yesterday.  I asked him to tell me all about his newest culinary creation, Bistro 31, which will be located in Highland Park Village next to the new Anne Fontaine store (which is also under construction!).

"It will have a 20's Deco feel to it but still feature the Mediterranean/Italian cuisine I am known for. You'll see a lot of seafood, salads, and a steak for the men." said Lombardi. "Upstairs will feature a lounge for cocktails and music.  I am very excited that we just started construction this week!"

Between Monkey Bar at Mi Cocina, Tre Wilcox's new Marquee Grill and Bistro 31... HPV is about to become the new IN place for Parkie's to party at night!

Look for Bistro 31 to open late July or early August.