Saturday, June 11, 2011

Best Summer Outdoor Dining Tableware

Warmer temperatures are a siren song for outdoor dining. Whether you are grilling hot dogs and burgers by the pool or sipping a frozen cocktail on the patio, Summer is all about being outdoors.

While shopping in Bishop Arts over the weekend, I stumbled across a great find for Summer dining.  These faux paper plates will give you the same old-fashioned look of a paper plate that you have grown up with, but they have the strength and re-usability of melamine. They are dishwasher safe, but not microwave safe.

Picnic Set from Shambhala

Eco-friendly, functional and totally nostalgic. It meets all of my criteria for fabulousness.  I just love the cute ant pattern they have trailing across the plates.  What a cute house-warming or wedding gift!

The Picnic Set is $50 and comes with six 9" plates and six cups (3 blue/3 red). Each measure  3.5 inch diameter and 4.5 inches tall. You can buy bowls and hot dog sleeves separately.  All dishwasher safe.

You can find these great outdoor dining pieces at 
Shambhala, 415 N. Bishop, Dallas, TX 75208. 214-943-7627