Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holiday Fiesta with On The Border

It's official.  The holidays are here.

Walk into any grocery store or shopping mall and you will hear the sounds of Bing Crosby crooning Jingle Bells or Celene Dion warbling White Christmas softly over the speakers.

Once Halloween is over, people make the shift in their minds and start to plan for the holidays.  On The Border Mexican Grill and Cantina is all too aware of this fact and wanted to get some online buzz about their Catering Team, so they approached my marketing firm to help them put together a blogger promotion.

Last week, we hosted about 50 people for a catered dinner at their Addison location to show them what OTB could do for an event.  My personal favorite food item was the Diptini you see pictured here --->

It was a 7-layer dip made in plastic mini-Martini glasses. I would totaly serve these at a party. They were not only delicious, but the presentation was adorable.

The other big hit with everyone was the Guacamole Cart.  A server rolled a cart around and custom made guacamole for each table. The kids loved getting to help spoon in and mix up the ingredients - even though most of them wouldn't eat it once it was made. More for me!!

I could eat avocados every day on just about anything. It's a healthy fat that's good for you inside and out. Ever made a facial or a hair mask with avocado?? This little fruit has a lot of uses... but my favorite use is to eat it.

Whether you are hosting a family reunion, having people over to watch a Cowboy game or planning your company's holiday party, On The Border is a great option for catering.  Check out their menu and start planning your next event!

Is your business in need of some buzz?  Want to have traditional press and bloggers tweeting, posting and writing about your services and products?  Let Gangway create and execute an event for your business!  Contact me and let's chat.