Monday, July 23, 2012

Bread Winners Makes Summer Funner with a New Craft Cocktail Menu

Last week, I hosted a media soiree at Bread Winners Inwood Village location to debut their new craft cocktail menu to members of the press and local food and nightlife bloggers. Some days, my job is pretty darn awesome. This was one of those times where I looked around and thought, "...and I get paid to do this??? Dang, this is cool."

Bread Winners had always been thoughtful about the creation of artisan entrees to their menu. After 18 years, they decided it was about time to put as much thought into the libations they were serving, so Kendra Shier (VP of Operations) along with Genevieve Koons Herendon (Beverage Manager) set about to create delicious cocktails that matched the ambiance of the brand and needs of their consumers. The result? A menu of delicious options for the most discerning of drinkers, broken out into three tasty themes:

Tito's Texas Sunrise

Traditional Mimosa
($8) split of champagne and fresh orange juice
BW's Bloody Mary ($8) vodka, BW's homemade Bloody Mary mix, cajun green beans
Tito's Texas Sunrise ($8) Tito's Vodka, fresh orange juice, grenadine
Fresh Peach Bellini ($8) champagne and peach nectar

Basil Berry Cooler

  Texas Bluebonnet Mojito ($10) Texas rum, fresh mint, berries and lime
Basil Berry Cooler ($10) Vodka, fresh basil and blackberries
Prickly Pear Lemonade ($10) Vodka, lemonade and prickly pear nectar
Frozen Cherry Limeade ($10) 3 Olives cherry vodka, cherry juice and lime

Skinny Lemon Drop

 (125 calories each)

Skinny Cosmo ($10) citrus vodka, fresh lemon and lime and cranberry juice
Skinny Margarita ($10) tequila, fresh lime and orange liquer
Skinny Lemon Drop ($10) citrus vodka, fresh lemon, sugared rim

Bread Winners just announced their plans to open a new location at NorthPark Center (where Lomabrdi's Cibus was) which will make shopping there an even more pleasant experience. The space they are going into has the most amazing patio in the whole Center because it opens out onto CenterPark. As a Mom, this means I actually get to finish my meal AND hang out for another leisurely cocktail while partaking in adult conversation - while the kids run and play, all within eye shot. Could NOT be more excited for them to open in late-September!!

Uptown | 3301 McKinney Ave. | Dallas, Texas   75204 | 214.754.4940
Park Cities | 5560 W. Lovers Lane in Inwood Village | Dallas, Texas   75209 | 214.351.3339
Plano | 4021 Preston Rd. | Plano, Texas   75093 | 972.312.9300
Opening in NorthPark Center late September!