Saturday, July 21, 2012

Casting Call: Party Girls Needed for New Reality Show

I got an email from a producer pal who asked me to put out the word about a casting call for a new show she's working on. When she told me the premise, I groaned (in my head) becasue this is the same show that everyone is trying to.  HOWEVER, this gal is the creator of Texas Women which just wrapped its second season on CMT. So, she knows what she's doing and has all the right connections to get something on the air.

Susan told me, "I'm creating/developing a new reality show based in Dallas and I'm currently looking for a cast.  I'm looking for females, 24-35. Single, dating, engaged, hot, and are BIG on the social scene in Dallas. I want career savvy girls that are making names for themselves in fashion, entertainment, business etc. I'd love to see girls that come from wealthy families, celebrity parents, pageant girls, and have celeb boyfriends/fiancee's. Girlfriends of athletes, sugar daddy's,etc. I also want BIG personalities - girls that love to hit the town. I'd prefer a group that know each other and hang out on a regular basis. It doesn't need to be all of them, but I know these type of girls normally travel in packs!"

Think you fit the bill?  Send head shot and quick bio to: