Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh So Cynthia moves to a new email subscription service

Did you know that you could subscribe to get new articles delivered straight to your email in-box every day? Why worry about missing important gossip and posts... let me deliver it right to you!

Many of you have been subscribing to my website through a Google service called FeedBurner. Yesterday I found out that Google is killing this feature on October 20 and I went into panic mode.   But, fear not. I have found a new and more visually enhanced way to bring new posts to you.

Starting today, subscribers will receive new posts via MailChimp. This is a company that I have used in the past for e-blasts.  Turns out they also so RSS-to-Email as well. So subscribers will receive an email that looks more like the website and should be more visually appealing that what you received in the past.

If you are not already signed up to receive new posts via e-mail, I encourage you to do so today. Don't miss a incredible soiree, celebrity sighting, fabulous foodie review or fashionable runway show. There is just NO excuse!  You can sign up through Facebook or click here to sign up today!