Friday, November 2, 2012

How to get posts back in your Facebook News Feed!

Are we connected on Facebook? The best news and gossip gets published on this website in story form, but throughout the day I post lots of tidbits, events, fun photos and local scoop on my Facebook Fan Page.

A funny thing happened to Facebook recently... they went public and all of the sudden had to start showing earnings. One of the first changes they made was to alter their algorithm. This is what determines what shows up in your News Feed.

So now, Pages you previously LIKED were not necessarily showing up in your News Feed unless you regularly "like" or comment on their posts. In (what facebook thought) was a genius move to garner revenue, they rolled out the option to buy "promoted posts".  Only not many people are buying. It just resulted in you losing out on information from your favorite brands.

Finally, Facebook has rolled out a work-around.  To get my posts back in your News Feed do the following steps:
  1. Visit my Fan Page at
  2. Hover over the word LIKE or LIKED (depending on if you are already a Fan or not)
  3. When you get the drop-down box, click SHOW IN NEWS FEED
Let's get social again!

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