Monday, August 19, 2013

Social Media and Politics. A Smart Combo?

I got a call Monday morning about 11:30am.
"Hi. This is Jack Fink from CBS 11. Can we come by your office in abut 30 minutes to talk about the Greg Abbott scandal? We need a social media expert to weigh in."
"Sure! I always have an opinion." I said.  "See you in a few minutes."

Greg who? What scandal?!
I turned to Google and quickly figured out what as going on.
Then I sprinted to my bedroom, threw off my yoga pants and T-shirt and changed into a dress.
Thank God I had actually taken a shower and blown my hair out that morning.

Jack arrives with camera dude in tow and we talked for 20 minutes.
Had a great conversation about social media and politics.
At 5pm the story aired.
They used about 10 seconds of our interview.
At least my hair looked good...

Click the photo above to watch the story.
Oh, and call me anytime you need a social media expert.
I always have an opinion!