Friday, December 27, 2013

North Texans to appear in On The Rocks with John Green this Sunday

The Food Network's On The Rocks features top consultant and bartender extraordinaire John Green, as he assesses bars and nightclubs that are “on the rocks” in hopes of keeping the doors open and shares his business and bartending expertise to save the businesses from collapse.

This Sunday, December 29 John Green visits Boxcar, a neglected establishment in Cedar Hill, Texas. Boxcar is troubled by three squabbling siblings with no bar experience and mounting debts that have dwindled their parents' retirement funds while running the bar into the ground.

Green turns to a team of North Texas experts to take the reins to settle family tension and make the bar successful again. Dallas interior designer Sarah Pickard of Pickard Design Studio was tapped to handle the interior design and joined forces with local contractor Dustin Gadberry of Gadberry Construction, to work construction miracles on Boxcar under an extremely tight budget.

Dustin Gadberry | Sarah Pickard | Tim Byre

The renovation included but was not limited to: demolition, structural repairs, a new back bar design, new flooring and special wall finishes by local graffiti artists to lend an old rustic torn-and-tattered box car feeling to the newly designed restaurant and bar. Resourceful by nature, Pickard used the very best contractors to create custom pieces for the bar using furniture previously in the space, as well as refurbished wood and railroad signs.

Local celebrity chef Tim Byres worked with Green to turn around internal business issues and in the kitchen. Byres is co-owner and chef of Dallas' acclaimed restaurant, SMOKE, and was named one of the “Best Chefs in DFW” in 2010 by Dallas Morning News food critic Leslie Brenner.

The episode will air Sunday, December 29, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. EST/PT. For additional show times, please visit