Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year. New You!

The start of a new year is always a time to reflect and refresh. When making my New Year’s Resolutions, I always have a short list of things about myself I want to work on. Some are inner changes like being more patient and some are outer changes like growing out my bangs out or losing a few pounds. The start of a New Year is also the perfect time for not only inner reflection, but a time to deal with any body image issues that might arise from viewing your outer reflection.

The cold, calmer months following the New Year are often the perfect time for body contouring procedures that can address these issues… if you decide that cosmetic surgery is the choice for you! Dr. Diane Gibby says planning body-contouring surgery for the early months of the New Year is a great idea if you want feel more confidant by summer and the swimsuits and more revealing clothing that comes along with warmer weather. Also, winter’s bulkier clothing can conceal post-surgery swelling and bruising and is often a time of year when activities slow down and more time can be taken to fully rest, recover and heal.

“If you want to have plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, live it up; go ahead and have it. But if you don't want to have it, don't have it.” Sharon Stone, actress

“Staying out of direct strong sunlight after cosmetic surgery is also important, and winter is certainly an easier time to do so, even in warmer, southern climates like Texas,” said Dr. Gibby. But if you are planning on body contouring surgery, be sure and plan the necessary time after surviving the ‘Holidaze’ to diet and exercise so you are within 10lbs or so of your ideal weight. This will assure the best body-contouring results as well as accelerate the post-surgery recovery!

“Women need to understand that plastic surgery is neither a weight loss method nor a solution to a sedentary lifestyle.  Rather, it is designed to enhance a woman’s body after she has already attempted to reshape her body via the natural route – diet and exercise,” stresses Dr. Gibby. “In fact, the best candidates for plastic surgery are those who are physically and psychologically healthy, and possess realistic goals and expectations.”

Twenty years ago, if you had any sort of plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure you would go to your grave with the secret. These days, most women can’t wait to let you feel them up to show you how realistic their new breasts are. I say, “Do what makes you feel good!”

Happy New Year for a Happy New YOU!!

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