Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Raise Funds For You Or Your Favorite Charity With NachoBirthday

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Launching in a few weeks, NachoBirthday is a fabulous crowdfunding website that will allow users raise funds for charity, projects, events or self gain in honor of the celebration of life (see video at the end of this post). It's the notion that everyday should be celebrated whether it's your birthday or "nacho birthday". Back in 2010, Ryan Ogbeide worked in small corporate office. His manager use to come in randomly with cake and balloons and, at times nacho's, in honor of people celebrating their birthdays that week. However, most of the time no one in the office had a birthday. Whenever this was the case, all the managers would just smile and say "Happy NachoBirthday!" "This guy who loved life so much he literally looked for excuses to buy cake and decorations to celebrate life even if no one in the room had a birthday," muses Ogbeide, "I later found out my awesome manager was battling cancer and I began to appreciate the concept behind a NachoBirthday more and more. I eventually started a birthday blog about celebrating life. With the help of some college friends, I turned the birthday blog into NachoBirthday - a platform designed to help people celebrate life and really share my vision of celebrating life everyday."

It's 100% free to start a campaign to begin raising money. Like most crowd-funding websites, in order to keep the lights on and the site going, a service fee of 5% will be collected at the end of each campaign. For example, if you raise $100, NachoBirthday will apply the 5% processing fee which brings your total to $95.00. If you raise $0 dollars then there is no charge.

NachoBirthday is the celebration of life and how you celebrate it is up to you. Ogbeide says, "We currently see 3 types of users, but foresee users being creative and doing much more. The most common users?
User #1: It's My birthday but I am going to act like it's not my birthday and raise money for people/foundations in need" User #2: It's really not my birthday I just wanted to do something cool and Give back
User #3: It's my birthday and (not your Birthday) so donate money to my campaign... I just want the Birthday Money.

Leverage your birthday for a charity you support and instead of asking for gifts and money, ask your loved ones to donate to your campaign in support for your favorite charity in honor of your birthday. They are currently working to build their list of charities and feature the top 300 charities in North America.

One of the most unique features on NachoBirthday is the ability to spilt payments between yourself and a charity. This comes in handy when you want to celebrate life by helping others but would not mind some extra birthday money. On NachoBirthday your able to set up a campaign to where a percent of the funds you raise will support a cause and a percent for you and friends.

Don't wait a whole year to celebrate life; don't have another boring birthday. Be creative and get your friends and family help you do something amazing. Sign up today for early bird access at http://www.nachobirthday.com/.

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