Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Good Morning Texas Brings Alanna Sarabia Back To Dallas

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photos c/o Alanna Sarabia

One of my favorite things about mornings is grabbing a cup of coffee and starting my day with local lifestyle TV show, Good Morning Texas. It’s one of the few remaining shows that still brings us local stories on Dallas businesses. The show recently parted ways with Carrie McClure and Mike Castillucci and there’s a new co-host by Jane McGarry’s side. I thought it would be fun to introduce her to you, so I reached out to get the 411. Alanna Sarabia was raised in Grand Prairie but has been working in San Antonio for the past several years where she was the host for WOAI's morning lifestyle show, San Antonio Living, and the face of the CW 35 as the first CW Insider. Alanna grew up with three brothers and says she was a total tomboy who never wanted to brush her hair or wear dresses. Eventually, she discovered her girly side and served as Miss San Antonio in 2009 and was a NBA Spurs Silver Dancer.

10 Things To Know About Alanna Sarabia: 

  1. She's an animal advocate who loves to promote #AdoptDontShop to help clear the shelters packed with homeless pets. 
  2. Health and fitness is important to her, "because let's face it, I work on television. I think TV DOES add 10 pounds, so it's a constant effort to maintain. I try to make being active apart of my daily schedule. "
  3. She is not bilingual, but is always trying to learn more Spanish. "I even spent time in Spain studying the language. I did learn that Spain is a great place for wine and tapas."
  4. She's a compulsive lipstick buyer. "Really. It's bad. I probably have 30 shades of the same mauve shade."  
  5. She like to go to movies by herself. "Is that weird? I don't like to share my popcorn." 
  6. She is a pianist.  "I don't get to play as often as I like anymore. I enjoy all types of genres of music from alternative rock, BPM, Christian music, and of course, classical." 
  7. She believes that a good sugary treat will make you feel better in any situation. Her dessert of choice is frozen yogurt. 
  8. Sorry fellas, but she's NOT single. "I a wonderful boyfriend in San Antonio. He's on the SAPD SWAT team. We've been together about 3 years."
  9. She is very family oriented and likes to participate in ACTS retreats. "They are church retreats that have helped me and my family become closer to each other, and to our faith. "
  10. While deciding on a career direction in high school, she would watch Gloria Campos on WFAA to get inspiration. "It's especially humbling to be able to now work on the very talented GMT team, at the same station."
Tune in to WFAA/ABC to catch Alanna Sarabia and Jane McGarry on Good Morning Texas Monday through Friday at 9:00am CST.