Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Mommy Makeover Magic from Dr. Diane Gibby

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Mommy Makeover Magic from Dr. Diane Gibby 
A woman’s perspective, a surgeons skill

One of the problems we face as a society is our difficulty to live in the moment. We are a society of planners and forward thinkers. And as such, even though it’s only November, I find it difficult to think about what I will be cooking for Thanksgiving dinner - I thought about that months ago! Now, I am pondering the New Year that is rapidly approaching. January is named after the Latin word for door (ianua), since January is considered the door to a new year and an opening to new beginnings. So it is only fitting that this is the time of year where we reflect on what isn’t working in our lives and consider ways to improve things in the coming year. As a woman, I am constantly scrutinizing my physical appearance, especially since I turned 50 this year and things are starting to go South. Gravity has kicked in and I am determined to fight it all… the… way. I’m one of those inherently lazy people who would just rather pay to have something cut or sucked out permanently than starve myself and go to the gym for the next hundred years. I’m all about working smarter vs. harder. But, that’s just me… Thankfully, women these days brag about their surgeries and can’t wait to let you see the results of their new boob job or tummy tuck. They aren’t shy about what they’ve had done or who did the work. Which is great, because a word-of-mouth referral is what you want when it comes to work like this! One of the names that I hear often in my circles is Dr. Diane Gibby. She was one of the first female plastic surgeons in Dallas and her practice in focused solely on women and their body contouring needs as well as women's health in general. After all, who knows a women’s body and understands the ‘struggle’ with self-esteem better than a woman? Dr. Gibby even chose to limit her practice size to allow her the time to really connect and understand each patient’s expectations, concerns, and desired outcomes. She is one of the girls, who happens to be an incredible surgeon. Just ask around or read her reviews. Five stars all the way!

“As a female surgeon and mother myself, I understand that the physical changes women experience throughout the various stages of their lives. While these changes affect each woman differently, they are often accompanied by an emotional component that adversely affects self-esteem and confidence. The good news is that they can all be dramatically improved with new advances in surgical techniques,” says Dr. Gibby. “While orchestrating their busy lives women often put others needs before their own. (Ain’t that the truth!) This fact became the motivation for focusing my cosmetic surgery practice exclusively on women and choosing to concentrate solely on body contouring procedures.”

Having children can take a toll on a woman’s body and the changes can often be permanent. A woman’s body changes in a multitude of ways during pregnancy – the hips become wider to allow the passage of a baby through the birth canal; the skin of the abdomen stretches and grows to accommodate a growing fetus, soon to be an infant child. Add to this breastfeeding. A woman’s breasts not only go through the enlargement that pregnancy brings but also the changes that providing sustenance and nourishment for a child brings. Even moms with grown children can still bear the battle ‘badges’ of joining the ranks of motherhood. Many of these changes, thankfully, are reversible. This is where the “Mommy Makeover” comes in. Hey Moms, Christmas is not just for the kids, give yourself the gift of self-gratitude and love in the form of a body that makes you as proud as your kiddos do.

A “Mommy Makeover” is a combination of procedures that restore a woman’s body to its natural, pre-pregnancy state. The goal is to bring back to form what was stretched-out during the growing and nurturing of a child. For many women, this may start with an abdominoplasty, which tightens the excess skin of the lower abdomen, leaving a scar that can be hidden low in the bikini line. Often, many of the stretch marks of the abdomen can be removed with this procedure. The muscles of the abdominal wall are tightened to improve the “tone” of the abdomen. Liposuction is often performed to additionally contour the abdomen. The changes in a woman’s breasts are the next area to be addressed, many times during the same operative procedure as abdominal contouring. Often, women complain that they are “empty” or “deflated” and “droopy” or “low.” Breast implants can be used to replace the volume of the breasts, and a breast lift might be recommended to tighten the skin of the breasts to a more natural, youthful position. Breast implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes, not to mention materials. Although saline implants are still more commonly used, some women prefer silicone implants for its ability to mimic the “feel” of a natural breast. They will discuss in detail the risks, benefits and difference between the two styles of implants to help you make a choice that is best for you and your lifestyle. Other concerns may be addressed during a “Mommy Makeover” such as unwanted fullness in the hips, thighs, and arms. These areas can be contoured with lipo-sculpture, or liposuction to improve your overall proportion.

A “Mommy Makeover” may be performed in a single operation or in staged procedures, depending on your general health and of the complexity of the operation. Click HERE to peruse through some before/after photos to get an idea of what can be done in Dr. Gibby’s capable hands. A consultation and examination is your first step toward a “Mommy Makeover”. Dr. Gibby will listen to your concerns, assess your problem areas and discuss which options will help you achieve your desired results. Visit http://www.drgibby.com/ for more info or make an appointment for a consultation by calling (972) 566-6477. Oh and by the way, if the office is closed Dr. Gibby returns appointment requests for a consultation, with a personal phone call within a few hours. Now that’s my kind of doctor!

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