Oh So Cynthia (OSC) accepts various forms of paid advertising, including brand advertisements on the website banner and sidebar, sponsored posts & tweets (which will be identified as such) and dedicated e-blasts. Sponsored social media posts are also available on OSC channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sponsored Posts
(which include product reviews, contests or giveaways)

While you are certainly encouraged to send in a press release about your event, product or service for editorial consideration, a sure fire way to guarantee editorial coverage is to purchase a Sponsored Post. Please note that for OSC to accept a sponsored post, the subject has to be one of interest to Cynthia Smoot, and appropriate for OSC readers. The only differences between a regular post and a sponsored post are 1) sponsoring a post may prompt OSC to write about a subject or product I might not have found the time to write about otherwise, and 2) sponsors have an opportunity to review the post prior to publication to ensure accuracy before it is published. If OSC does not feel that your product or service can be covered truthfully and enthusiastically in a way that will be worthwhile for the sponsor, I will make this clear before anything is written or payment is made. 

Please note that any product submitted for editorial consideration or use will not be returned. If OSC continues to use an item after the initial review, there may be follow-up post(s) on the site's various social channels but that is not guaranteed. Sending a product does not guarantee a review or mention, unless agreed upon beforehand.

Hosting/Emceeing Events or Brand Alliances 

Lifestyle blogger and brand influencer Cynthia Smoot loves to host or emcee events showcasing products and services or to provide support for charitable causes as her interests and schedule will allow. In addition to hosting or supporting an event the night of, OSC can also use our social channels, e-mail list and all forms of communication to get behind a partnership.

Contact Information

Please contact Cynthia Smoot at for rates, shipping address or any questions you might have pertaining to paid partnerships on this website.

Examples of past and present partnerships include:
Land Rover, Neiman Marcus, Last Call Studios, Dallas Arboretum, SER Steakhouse, NorthPark Center, Ford Motorcars, Fashion Industry Gallery, Katydid Collection, Mockingbird Station, On The Border, 3 Musketeers, Accessory Concierge, Cirque du Soleil, Chevrolet, Sambuca, Skintastic, Galleria Dallas, Clothes Circuit and Dr. Diane Gibby.

Here are a few companies I have partnered with in the past.
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"Cynthia recently spoke to our group of legal recruiters about what makes Dallas such a great city. Her presentation was just what we were looking for – it was entertaining and informative! Both her topic and delivery were perfectly tailored to our group. Cynthia was delightful to listen to and we would welcome her back anytime." ~ Lindsay Perkins, Haynes & Boone