Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kitty Wigs!

I am not even joking. This is for real. If I tried to put one of these on Miss Kitty - I would lose a finger. The economy may be going to hell, but there are still idiots out there who will spend $50 on a wig. For their cat.


  1. Think Peta knows?
    Trying to make your cat into a feline Britney Spears cannot be anything but inhumane, especially since the cat would probably much rather be someone whose extensions don't show.
    The owners should give the cats a choice at least, dammit!
    Who do you want to be today?
    No, kitty! I'f I'd wanted a cat with no hair I would have gone out and gotten one.

  2. Hmm.
    Just read more and realized your cat is Miss Kitty...
    Just to make clear, the 'Kitty' in the previous cooment completely generic. Unless you've bought one of these, in which case I make no apologies ;o)

  3. @Extranjera Hell no I wouldn't buy one of these carzy wigs for my cat. Miss Kitty would take my hand off trying to get it on her head. It just cracks me up what some people will spend money on...

  4. I can't believe this. My cat would probably go for the jugular if I attempted this!

  5. Okay Cynthia, You are SLAYING us!!! Your writing is so funny! :) Hope you're having a blast with your Traverse!

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