Thursday, April 2, 2020

Pets of Quarantine: The Work Edition

by Leah Frazier 

“If you have a furbaby or even swooned at the movie Pets, you’ll often wonder if your cat or dog has a human mind of its own. Even in the midst of COVID-19 and the disruption of life as we know it, these intelligible, high-sensory beings can tell when you need a little pick-me-up or have sensed that something’s out of order. But to these loyal creatures, in the midst of the current crisis, they’re totally #winning, because let’s face it — their beloved human beings are now home. All. Day. Long. In the spirit of positivity, we tapped the feeds of some of our favorite CEO’s, bosses and work-from-home gurus — just to see how life with the newest member of their team is panning out. From napping on the job to barking it up on Zoom (can you please put your phone on mute?), these furbabies are now living their best #QuarantineLife.”

CLICK HERE to scroll through, “Paw-ty” on and “yap” it up for what Leah Frazier at Inspire ‘N Style is coining as the #PetsOfQuarantine – the work edition. I am thrilled to have my sweet Tuco included in this feature. He has turned out to be a fantastic employee for Gangway Advertising - he never talks back and seemingly agrees with everything I say. You didn’t ask for it, but she’s delivering it. So smile. You’re welcome.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Custom Sock Designs Help Homeless Children Thrive

DeadSoxy’s founder, Jason Simmons, recently partnered with Vogel Alcove to design a contest in which school-age kids would participate in a project to design a sock and write a story about their design. More than 20 designs were drawn and the top three designs were then digitized by the DeadSoxy team and developed. The efforts of DeadSoxy will help educate a new audience to the mission and services of Vogel Alcove who provides educational, developmental and therapeutic services to children and families affected by homelessness. Using its “Two-Generational” approach to solving homelessness, services are provided to client families through the early childhood education program and Parent Opportunity Department. All of these services are provided for free, in a safe and nurturing school environment, in which the families can learn and grow together.  The three winners were:

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

How To Celebrate National Pancake Day in Dallas-Fort Worth

Crème Brûlée Pancake at Snooze

In 1935, Vogue told its readers that "pancakes are frankly difficult and not worth eating at all unless they are of paper thinness and succulent tenderness." Obviously, millions of people around the world disagreed with this statement because today, pancakes are still one of our most popular breakfast foods. National Pancake Day is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday (which you might know better as Fat Tuesday), which will be Tues, February 25 this year. It's the last day before Lent, the traditional 40 days of abstinence before Easter practiced by Christians. The custom is to empty the pantry of all sugar, fats, and eggs to avoid temptation and reduce waste. These ingredients were put to good use by making and consuming large batches of pancakes made from scratch. If you like to pay tribute to the humble but delicious pancake, here are a few options in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for you:

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Kim Kardashian's Oscars Dress Has A Dallas Connection

Angie Barrett and Kim Kardashian West wear Alexander McQueen's "Oyster Dress"

After last week's Oscars, Vogue magazine praised Kim Kardashian West for arriving at Vanity Fair’s annual Oscars party in a piece of fashion history - specifically Alexander McQueen’s famed “Oyster dress” from his spring 2003 collection, one of only two that made it into production. According to Vogue, the look was a Christmas present from Kardashian West’s husband, Kanye West purchased from Rita Watnick of Lily et Cie. What Vogue didn't tell its readers is that the dress has a Dallas connection, because it's first owner was Dallas socialite Angie Barrett. Barrett wore the gown to the Beaux Arts Ball (now The Art Ball) and Cinema Against AIDS at The Cannes Film Festival in 2003. Barrett was thrilled to see her gown don one of the most famous body's on the planet saying in a Facebook post, "An exquisite example of McQueen’s artistry lives on!" You know what they say, "Everything's bigger and better in Texas," including our fashion style.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Celebrating National Inventors Day With Something Corny

Neil "Skip" Fletcher, JR. with Corny Dog inventor Neil Fletcher, Sr (circa mid-1970s), Fletcher's Corny Dog booth (circa 1950s)

The proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention” says a lot about how inventors look at life. Many inventors go their whole life without recognition for their creativity while others are household names. February 11 is National Inventors Day so today, I am giving a nod to two Dallas brothers who helped start America's obsession for fried food. In 1938, brothers Neil and Carl Fletcher were offered a unique opportunity to run a food booth at Fair Park. Both men had spent years marveling at the lack of cuisine offered to the Park patrons and knew they had an opportunity on their hands. According to Neil, there was a local baker on Oak Lawn Ave. who served a dish of hot dogs baked in cornmeal in the shape of an ear of corn, and while it tasted good, the process was time-consuming and complicated.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Exhibit Features Women Who Have Survived, Then Thrived

Prospère Art Gala 2020

On Friday, January 31st Model Makers Group & Radz D. Photography presented Prospère, the first Art Gala at the first Art Hotel in the Dallas Arts District - the HALL Arts Hotel. Radz D. Photography, together with Model Makers Group, hosted its third fundraising event on January 31, 2020. This year’s theme was inspired by Dallas women and their true stories of thriving beyond life challenges. The event’s art show displayed portrait art featuring works by award-winning photographer, Radz Daswani. Through the lens, she allowed the honored women to share the many emotions that are experienced through their journeys. Honorees for the evening included Ruby Bhandari, Founder of Silk Threads, Inc.; Martha Wolf, Co-Captain of Dallas United Crew Dragonboat Team; Traci Parker, Co-Founder of Lez Talk Dallas. Special guests in attendance were the Honorable Tonya Parker with the 116th Civil District Court; Phuong Tran, Co-President of Young Texans Against Cancer; Melinda Imthurn, Artistic Director for Women's Chorus of Dallas; Susan Posnick, CEO Susan Posnick Cosmetics; Mike Wheless, Wheless Executive Search & Leadership Consulting. Over 150 ticketed guests were serenaded by Dana Harper, from NBC’s The Voice, as they shopped the silent auction, sipped signature cocktails and savored delicate french hors d'oeuvres custom-curated by the chefs of The HALL Arts Hotel. Proceeds from the soirée benefitted A Model Patient dedicated to serving women around the country who are facing breast cancer. It’s a woman-to-woman, grassroots approach in order to positively and directly impact patients founded by Tara Darby Rasheta.