Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Best Christmas Card of 2008

It's Christmas Eve! I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday and spending time with family and friends. I gotta get ready for Santa's visit tonight, but before I do I thought I'd share our family Christmas card with you. Because it is pretty brilliant, if I do say so myself.
This is the stamp on the back of the envelope. So, when you got the card and turned it over to open it, the stamp said "Lost Mail. Dec. 1976".

The basic concept was to create a family holiday card from 1976. If you think back to those days, there were two types of cards: Religious and Norman Rockwell. Photo cards didn't exist. And neither did personalizing them with embossed names. Oh no, you had to hand write every card yourself.

We wanted the photo to look like we went to Olan Mills (I know you have a family photo from there). Randy shopped at the Salvation Army and another vintage boutique for our outfits. He designed the card and found the fonts. Note Randy's tinted glasses and the "Nolan Wills" stamp on the photo. Two of the finer points of this project, I think.

My contribution was the styling. I was in charge of hair and make-up (blue eye-shaddow for me). Randy was Glenn Campbell inspired with the swoopy bang look. I took my look from a family photo I have where I was in Junior High and this is how my hair was fixed, with the bangs twisted back and clipped. Yikes.
When you're married to an advertising guy, a Shutterfly card just won't do. Randy likes to go all out. This is how he "advertises himself". At least that how he sells spending the money on this project to me. "It's for the business..."

So, if you think he's as brilliant as I do, feel free to call him up and get him to design a logo for you. Or a website. Or create a radio/TV campaign for your company. Or, get him to create your 2010 Christmas card for your family!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Okay, you win!!! That was the BEST Christmas card I have ever received!!! I am so-o-0 jealous, how did you do it? I have to have a picture like this of my family, just for me. You are a woman after my own heart, and thank you,
    thank you , thank you for making my Christmas!

    Feelin' the Groovy-

  2. That is the funniest thing I have EVER seen! That is the BEST card!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Have a great Christmas!!!!

  3. LOVED the Card! The “Olan Mills” logo in the corner was perfect. Did Randy do his own hair? It was great. Please do disco next year, I’ll loan you our disco ball. Xoxo, MB.

  4. You officially win “Best Christmas Card of the Year, 2008.” Hands down.

  5. Got ya’lls card- too cute…and funny!!

  6. Thanks for the groovy Christmas card! It wasn’t square!