Monday, October 5, 2009

Project Runway's Shirin Askari

An invitation landed in my in box a couple of days ago to meet Shirin Askari, a designer currently featured on Season 6 of Project Runway (one of my favorite reality TV shows!) I Facebooked my gal pal Melissa, a fellow Fashionista, and we headed out tonight to talk fashion.

I had a great chat with Fashionista founder and local socialite, Heidi Dillon, about her new show "Dallas Divas and Daughters" that premiered last night on the Style Channel. When I went over to say that I had watched the episode, she shuddered, "Do not call it 'my' show. Do you know how much grief I've gotten from my friends today?" I told her that it was pretty awful, but in a good way... like a train wreck you had to watch. Heidi told me she's much more excited about a show she's working on that will follow her personally and showcase her work with the Fashionistas and her lifestyle. I will most certainly tune in for that.

Heidi and Fashionistas Two (the Fashionistas Junior division) representative, Bree, introduced the featured speaker - Shirin Askari.

Melissa Roundtree with Shirin Askari

Cynthia Smoot with Shirin Askari

Note how tiny she is. Melissa and I are not giants... Shirin is maybe 5' 2" and 100 lbs. Itty bitty!

Shirin spoke about how her background (she graduated in May 2008 from UNT's Fashion Dept.) and how she got on the show (a broken knee sidelined her post-graduation trip to Europe and she auditioned for the show from her parents couch via video tape). She dished some dirt on the Project Runway taping process (did you know that Mood store they go to is fake?) and talked about her new line that can be purchased locally at Stanley Korshak later this year.

No word on who goes to Bryant park or who wins...


  1. Dallas is certainly fortunate to have Heidi Dillon and The Fashionistas organization! Shirin is adorable.

  2. Hi, I am an LA resident and a Runway fan... I like your blog but I wanted to let you know that Mood is actually a store here in LA. I am sure they probably don't bring the contestants to the actual store - because Mood has EVERYTHING - My guess is they probably limit them by creating a make-shift Mood store for the season - so they never have to worry about other people in there - and also limit the amount of merchandise they have access to.

    Here is a YELP on the mood store...

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  4. Hey Joe. Yes, I know the Mood store is real. What I said, is that they made a fake store on a set for the contestants. LA traffic was so bad it was eating up half their shooting day just to go to the store and back - so they made a fake store. I'd love to visit the real Mood next time I'm in LA!