Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flavor of the Week: Glenn Pakulak

I swear I do not stalk the cast of Bravo TV's upcoming reality docu-drama, "Most Eligible: Dallas". I just seem to run into them.  They are everywhere!

Last night at DIFFA I was standing by the stage, filming bits from the fashion show. I got bumped from behind, so I turned around to see who almost knocked me over and it was one of the camera guys filming the whole Most Eligible crew.  They were there to support cast mate Drew Ginsberg who was being honored as a DIFFA Style Council Member for 2011.

Glenn Pakulak with cast mate, Matt Nordgren at DIFFA 2011

Since the whole cast was right there, I stuck up conversations with several cast mates and finally made my way around to Glenn.  Ladies, let me just tell you... I don't know how Glenn is still single because he is H-O-T.  Granted, he's a NFL Player, so he's totally buff, but he is also super handsome and charming. This picture doesn't even do him justice.  And from what I hear, he is also a real sweetheart.

And I'm not just saying this because Glenn asked me on more than one occasion to "be nice to them on my blog".

I have one word for Glenn and it is "Meeeeeeeeeeow."


  1. Just googled this show because I was in a nail salon and got caught like a deer in headlights on the background of the show and was curious as to what it was. They asked me to sign a release and said it was Most Eligible Bachelors of Dallas or something. Thanks for filling me in...also, really enjoying your blog being new to Dallas!

  2. Hello @TravelKate, Welcome to Big D. I'm so glad you found my little blog. I share all the best of what Dallas has to offer in the way of events, food, fashion and fun. And lately, a lot about reality TV being filmed here... Enjoy!

  3. Glenn is, in fact, a super sweetheart! And he also really loves his family. Awesome, awesome guy.