Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meet the new Dallas cast of MasterChef, Season 2

Famed chef Gordon Ramsay is back for Round Two of his culinary smash hit and last summer's highest-rated new series, MASTERCHEF. Along with returning judges Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot, the trio will put the contestants through a series of exciting elimination rounds and turn one amateur cook into a culinary master.

The cast of Season 2 includes 11 hopefuls from the Dallas area.  The season starts June 6 and the group will narrow to the Top 18 on June 14. After that, the chefs compete weekly for the title of MasterChef.

Our local DFW hopefuls include:
  • Cynthia Price, Human Resources Representative - Arlington
  • Donna Collins Yamini, President of Global Peace Project / Feng Shui Master - Dallas
  • Anthony Fedele, Semi-Retired Brand Specialist - Dallas
  • Shamarra Garmon, Youth Cooking Instructor - Dallas
  • Risa Goldstein, Retired - Dallas
  • Jennie Kelley, Musician - Dallas
  • Amber Montgomery, Restaurant Manager - Dallas
  • Stephen Russell, Bartender - Frisco
  • Ben Starr, Freelance Writer - Lewisville
  • Bryce Hendrick, Office Manager - McKinney
  • Shawn Guenther, Product Engineer - Plano

Attend the MasterChef, Season 2 Premiere Viewing Party 
and meet members of the new cast!

When:    Monday, June 6

Time:     6-9 PM

Where:  The Office Grill (Frankford & The Tollway)
              18020 North Dallas Parkway
              Dallas, TX  75287

UPDATE 6/1:  There's been a change of venue. Possibly because of bad press for The Office?  Dunno.

Where:  Stratos Greek Taverna             
              2907 W Northwest Highway (at Webb Chapel by Bachman Lake)
              Dallas, Texas 75220-6217

Cost:      $10 at the door goes to the CATHEDRAL OF HOPE - to help feed the homeless!! Canned goods are also welcome!

6pm -7pm 
Meet & Greet with 8 cast members of the new show!!
Greek Hors d'oeuvres served: Mini Pizzas, Dolmathes, Hummus, Tzatziki Sauce, Pita Bread.
Cash Bar. Happy hour specials until 7pm.
$2.75 Domestic Beer, $2.99 Margaritas, 5.25 Martinis

7pm - 8pm
Enjoy watching the Premiere Episode of MasterChef Season 2 on several big screen TVs. Monday night is half price dinner night! Stay for dinner and belly dancing begins at 8pm!


  1. There are actually 2 other cast members:
    Tudi Wilson, Ben Starr. 2 more are trying to arrange their schedules to come too !

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the update, Donna!

  3. I'm gathering up some friends from East Texas to come!! Sounds like a blast!!

  4. Wow Amber Gosdin Montgomery?!?! She's the one who sued her husband for giving her herpes that he didn't have but only she did, addicted to pills, crazy, and lost custody of her kids! My girlfriends will watch for sure! She should make a fine reality star!

  5. Oh I heard about Amber Gosdin, wasn't she arrested for writing hot checks? Wow they will let anyone do reality TV nowadays.

  6. Hey Amber Trash talker.... You kinda creepy.... Sounds like your stalking her......

  7. I think they need a reality show of me kicking your ass for talking about my friend. You apparently know NOTHING about her. By the way I have a name.. And it's not anonymous you chicken shit. It's Michelle

  8. Sounds like the bitter ex husband

  9. Thank you my dear Michelle...and for anyone willing to say what they truly know about me. Unfortunately the internet is an outlet for slander, but I will always hold my head up high as being the mother of my children. One thing I have learned, is that I should never cast a stone and maybe the people that feel it is necessary to cause pain, shall take a look at themselves and truly find out why they feel the need to attempt to cause it. Besides being Ava and nash's mother, I have never felt more honored receiving an apron from ALL 3 judges...and giving my apron up, was bittersweet, but I would never
    jeopardize my relationship with my children, and that is
    why I left....
    Thank you my sweet friends...amber

  10. Well, I do not know about all the trash talk above, but I was on the show and left because I learned I was pregnant. If I recall if this is the girl I remember she made a salad??? And then lost it and cried to anyone who would listen about her ex husband taking everything from her as she walked around bragging and carrying a louis vitton collection??? Girl needs to figure out her story because she did not receive an apron! Kristen

  11. WOW this chick is crazy-didn't she lose custody of her kids to her bitter ex? I am still waiting for her to drop some checks off to me??

  12. It's not slander if its true. I personally know both people in this divorce. Amber sued the bitter ex for sexual battery via alleging he gave her an STD specifically genital Herpes! The bitter ex's test is CLEAN! Amber's had HPV, Herpes, and bacterial vaginosis. I think we can figure out who's lying. the proof is in the evidence. Not to mention the so called bitter ex has the kids and they live in TEXAS! what does that say about her?!?! SLK

  13. I can find absolutely nothing on this Amber that was on master Chef??? I see her listed as a dallas participant, but I watch that show religiously and she has not been shown on one episode. What dish did she make? Which episode did they ax her??? Please fill me in as to why she has no air time?