Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trouble for Logo's "The A-List: Dallas"

The GLBT community is all stirred up over the filming of Logo's "The A-List Dallas".   I introduced you to the new cast last month.  So what's the drama?  Weenies and Martinis was hosted at Jack’s Backyard on June 11 and was produced by Dallas Voice to benefit Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS. The Dallas Voice accepted an offer by the producers of LOGO’s A-List Dallas to participate and film the event.

This week, Dallas Voice received the following letter from Donnie Pangburn that makes it clear, "no matter how far we’ve come in the battle against HIV/AIDS, we still have a very long way to go, even when it comes to educating our own community".
Phillip gets a talking to from Donnie
Donnie writes, "I went to Jack’s Backyard to a going-away party for a friend on Saturday, June 11, and soon realized there was a fundraiser raffle going on to support HIV/AIDS services through the Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS.... I am HIV-positive myself and therefore know first hand the daily struggles that anyone with HIV faces.

One of the A-Listers, Phillip Willis, approached me and my friends and asked us to donate $20 for some raffle tickets. I instantly reached into my pocket and gave him $20. I asked Phillip what they were raffling off, and he stated, “It doesn’t matter; it’s for a good cause. It’s for all those poor, sad, old people.”

I asked whom he was referring to, and he just winked and said, “You know — them.” I replied, “No, I don’t. Who are you referring to?” He said, “You know, those ones who have AIDS.” My response to him was, “I am HIV-positive, and I’m not poor or sad.”...

Hell hath no furry like a gay man scorned... and the fact that an idiot like Phillip Willis is about to be a national face for the Dallas gay community has them shuddering.  The GLBT community has rallied around Donnie and are urging our community to boycott the show.  A Facebook Page has been started called Boycott LOGO's A-List Dallas and they are encouraging their Fans to write the Mayor's office, Perez Hilton and anyone who will listen to get this show shut down.

Many of the comments left on the Fan Page echo the same sentiment left by Ronnie Reynolds, "The 5 people they chose, in no way represent Dallas. My partner and I belong to many gay groups in Dallas, frequent the nightlife every weekend, belong on committees, and participate in many GLBT functions. We have never even seen any of these 5 people before. They just want to be on TV. They are NOT active in the community at all."

Word on the street is that most of the gay club owners are getting behind this movement and are banning future filming at their establishments.  Good for them.  It's gonna be really hard to film an interesting show about gay guys, if you can't get into any of the clubs... I'm just sayin'. Think Jersey Shore if they couldn't drink. 'Nuf said.

James Mitchell posted, "I know one of the cast members and he has graciously bowed out of the show. He, like all of us, realize this show depicts the very lowest from of our gay "LIFE". I feel we are doing a great disjustice to ourselves"  Um, sorry James, maybe that's what your friend is telling you. But I hear he got the boot weeks before this incident.. This is a convenient PR move for him to save face and I say good for him for turning lemons into lemonade.  He's probably thanking his lucky stars he's out of this mess...

Oh my.  Stay tuned for more A-List drama...


  1. To: Phillip Willis!! You have absolute NO fucking class to be participating on any A-List show what-so-ever, you Low Class Faggot!! Are you mentally retarded?!?!?!? You need to fucking grow up bitch!



  2. Looks like Donnie has been out to get the A-List from the start with the New York season last year as he posted this on 10/13/10.

    "This show is absolutely pathetic...they should take all their pretentious money, clothes, cars, and attitudes and donate them to people who are in need, and then go do something like volunteer to help those who are less fortunate. These queens on this show are the perfect example of giving the word "gay" a bad name." - Donnie Pangburn

    And now he's still on the mission. Hmmmmmm....

    Jessica Fletcher

  3. Phillip is no social king! He walks dogs at the W hotel, thats as trashy as it gets!

  4. Everybody DANCE now. Around the issue. Pangburn is a spiteful queen who's just mad he's not on the show - maybe producers couldn't stand his tragic beard. EEEEK. Pangburn should be RUGburn - if you've ever been drunk enough to fuck him. So sad. Donnie, get a job and leave Texas out of this!