Friday, January 21, 2011

Real Housewives of Dallas. Is it a reality?

Phyllis Comu & Cathy Vieth
Could it be? Have my prayers been answered by the Reality TV God above!

Although Bravo has not confirmed Dallas to its "Real Housewives" lineup, this photo album was posted on Facebook today by photographer QC Cong showcasing a intimate cocktail party hosted at the home of my favorite Fashionista, Heidi Dillon.

Heidi's own Fashionista Facebook Fan Page linked the album with a post* claiming, "Photos of The Real Housewives of Dallas - producer and cast party at Heidi's home. Enjoy, fashionistas!"

I don't run in these circles, so I don't immediately recognize a lot of these ladies. I can say I have never seen so much big, bleached out hair in one room.

If this indeed a cast party for a new Bravo Dallas cast of RHoD, all I have to say is did they have to go with the Texas sterotype of everything is bigger and "blonder"? Ugh. I guess they did.

My darling friend and favorite designer, Shirin Askari, was on hand for the big reveal and hors d'ouvres were provided by Dallas' most dazzling chef, Lisa Garza.

If you have scoop, leave a comment here.  I am on a mission to find out more...
Scott & Gina Ginsburg. No surprise here.
Anybody got a clue who these 3 lovlies are?
Gina Ginsburg, Heidi Dillon, Nhã Khanh, Nini Nguyen

*UPDATE 1/22: The post on the Fashionistas Facebook Fan Page has been removed. Hmmm. Wonder why?! Darn it that I didn't think to take a screen shot. You'll just have to trust me. It said, what it said.


  1. The hair on some of these gals makes me think they've just stepped out of a time capsule from the '80s. Who still teases hair, anyway?

  2. I honestly had no idea people in Dallas still had the giant bleached hair! Wow.

  3. Cynthia, we are in preliminary casting for several possible shows for several different networks. Nothing is "real" yet.

  4. @Heidi, Noooooooooo! I thought maybe wishing hard enough would make it so. Keep me posted!

    PS: Please make them pick at least one brunette or red head. For the love of God.

  5. Cynthia, next time check with me before you post a blog based on speculation and second-hand information. It wouldn't hurt to behave more like a newspaper and do a little fact checking first.

  6. Gee, Heidi. But when your own Fashionistas Facebook Fan Page says "Photos of The Real Housewives of Dallas" you can hardly blame me for stating the obvious. I'm just sayin'...

  7. You guys, this totally has to happen because next up is Real estate TV: Selling Dallas!

  8. It was a fabulous party.... Many unique and dynamic women- black, white, yellow and all colors if hair there- blondes just "stand out".... Keep tapping your red heels together- wishes can come true....

  9. Hi Cynthia! MIss and love you!

    Let's face it, if Bravo wanted to do a reality show called Desperate Housewives of Dallas, which would be in line with their other national shows, they would produce it themselves.

    They pick their cast, they don't allow their talent to pick their cast. : )

    From a natural brunette and loving it!

  10. Oh yes, now THAT would be a good one:Desperate Housewives of Dallas...why would anyone do one of these shows anyway? Half the cast ends up in a divorce. But THAT'S why we keep watching!

  11. This post was as hilar as the comic strip,
    D Magazine, did regarding the same topic and as hilar as the hair of the lady on the left of the first photo!!! (

  12. I sure hope they Can find the REAL HOUSEWIFES of DALLAS bc these Bleach BABES are not the REAL HOUSEWIFES OF DALLAS...THEY ARE WANT TO BE'S..THEY LOOK SO FAKE..BARBIE DOLLs are prettier thaN this...ANYONE CAN blEach their hair and put a short skirt on and thigh highs>.but does that make you a dallas housewife..these girlS dont have enought money to be a dallas housewife....bottem line...

  13. Well I live in Dallas, I know several women that live in Highland Park, you know where Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys live and trust me, most women in Dallas do NOT have big fake bleach blonde hair. Dallas girls are more natural, fun, working women with all colors of hair and personalities. Dallas would be perfect for a real housewives series.