Friday, January 21, 2011

Real Housewives of Dallas. Is it a reality?

Phyllis Comu & Cathy Vieth
Could it be? Have my prayers been answered by the Reality TV God above!

Although Bravo has not confirmed Dallas to its "Real Housewives" lineup, this photo album was posted on Facebook today by photographer QC Cong showcasing a intimate cocktail party hosted at the home of my favorite Fashionista, Heidi Dillon.

Heidi's own Fashionista Facebook Fan Page linked the album with a post* claiming, "Photos of The Real Housewives of Dallas - producer and cast party at Heidi's home. Enjoy, fashionistas!"

I don't run in these circles, so I don't immediately recognize a lot of these ladies. I can say I have never seen so much big, bleached out hair in one room.

If this indeed a cast party for a new Bravo Dallas cast of RHoD, all I have to say is did they have to go with the Texas sterotype of everything is bigger and "blonder"? Ugh. I guess they did.

My darling friend and favorite designer, Shirin Askari, was on hand for the big reveal and hors d'ouvres were provided by Dallas' most dazzling chef, Lisa Garza.

If you have scoop, leave a comment here.  I am on a mission to find out more...
Scott & Gina Ginsburg. No surprise here.
Anybody got a clue who these 3 lovlies are?
Gina Ginsburg, Heidi Dillon, Nhã Khanh, Nini Nguyen

*UPDATE 1/22: The post on the Fashionistas Facebook Fan Page has been removed. Hmmm. Wonder why?! Darn it that I didn't think to take a screen shot. You'll just have to trust me. It said, what it said.