Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why I blog. As told to AOL City's Best.

Well, I can take 2 minutes of off my 15 minutes of fame.

AOL City's Best interviewed me for a feature about bloggers. They report, "(Smoot) is the marketing strategist and social media director for Gangway Advertising, the VP of Event for Social Media Club/Dallas, mommy to a 10-year-old, author of a very prolific blog, Oh So Cynthia, and a regular contributor to other sites.

She also speaks publicly, tweets like a machine and somehow manages to show up everywhere there is anyone. Chances are you've crossed her path and you've wondered, "Who is Cynthia Smoot?" We've got the scoop."

Click the image if you'd like to read the article.

I am about to become impossible to live with...


  1. It was such a pleasure to interview you, Cynthia and I look forward to devouring your newsletters! (I just signed up.)

  2. I feel like I've found a new friend! Thanks for making me rock star famous today! Even in was only for a few minutes...

  3. Lucky you...I must not be in the "mix" enough because I can never find bloggers anywhere near me in Dallas...I have at this point just stopped trying so hard after the social to find some.