Friday, February 25, 2011

She's Got The Look. And I Saw It First!

Pick up this week's edition of Park Cities People Paper and you will see this profile of stunning Dallas socialite, Gina Ginsburg on Page 4.  She's got the look, alright, but how did she end up on their fashion radar? According to Editor, it was because of this blog!

That's right.  They read a recent post where I questioned the possibility of a Real Housewives of Dallas series because of some party pics I saw on Facebook. You know, the post that made Heidi ban me from her Twitter account and de-friend me on Facebook.  I know. I know... We don't even say to say anything more about that.

Gina was at that party, wearing this outfit and it caught the eye of PCP editors.  Dan Koller states:

So, next time you see me at a party and I ask to take your picture. I suggest you smile and pose.  I'm just sayn'...

PS: Thanks for the plug, Dan. It is much appreciated. Love you. Mean it!