Friday, March 25, 2011

Who is Glenn Pakulak?

Listen up Reality TV fanatics. I have scoop! 

Last week, I attended a fashion show for Dallas designer, Courtney Russell. You couldn't help but notice the film crew that was following this one guy around.

They say 'curiosity killed the cat' but you know me, I laugh in the face of death! Ha ha! So, I went up to the production staff to find out more, but they were pretty tight lipped.  What I got out of them was that they were with BRAVO, the guy's name was Glen Pickwick (at least I thought that's what the girl said) and they were filming a show called Most Eligible.


So, I posed the question to you - the readers - and asked, "Who the heck is Glen Pickwick?" My in-box started filling up faster than Neimans at a half-off shoe sale with readers wanting to tell me what they knew about the cast and show.

Meet (some of) the cast of BRAVO TV's upcoming dating reality show
Most Eligible Dallas

Landon Ledford, Nell Skylar (who I'm told is not a primary cast member), Glenn Pakulak, Courtney Kerr,  
Daylon Periera and Tara Harper. Drew Ginsburg and Matt Nordgren are in the cast but not pictured.

First off, let me correct myself. The guy in question isn't named Glen Pickwick. He's actually Glenn Pakulak, who is currently signed with the Oakland Raiders.  What he's doing in Dallas, I'm not sure.  And is it me or does Courtney Kerr look just like Trista Sutter from The Bachelor.

I'm just sayin'...

So, what's the concept of the show? Think Friends but instead of hanging out at a coffee shop, they are prowling nightclubs and charity events.  A friend of one of the cast members emailed me to say that, "They have been filming since the Superbowl and will film through mid-June."  Word has it that the show will air sometime over the Summer.


photo credit: Bob Manzano


  1. I think Jen Lara and Poodle are a show in itself, don't you? Why don't they have a gay couples show? Or a gay dating show? What is wrong with those people?

  2. TV and film industry must run in the family with Courtney Kerr. Her father, Stephen Kerr, just wrapped appearing in ABC's pilot "Good Christian Bitches", appeared in several episodes of "Chase", was a regular "detective" on "The Good Guys", and will be featured in Richard Linklater's new film "Bernie" with Jack Black later this year.

  3. Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure, Unreal.

  4. Dahling, this will be a gay dating show if they stick with the current cast.

  5. Matt Nordgren? Interesting stuff about him on

  6. Matt takes Valtrex.

  7. Matt and Courtney? I can't think of anything that makes them eligible. Matt is probably the biggest self promoting douche Dallas has to offer. Kerr will date anyone as long as their wallet is big enough.

  8. Looks like Glenn is answering questions about the show on this new site call "AnyAsq"

  9. Too bad that 2 of the 3 guys look like they're gay and probably still in the closet, and the only pretty girl pictured, Nell Skylar, won't be a regular. I have no desire to watch this show. Seriously, coming from a big city that is notorious for socialites, I can honestly say that there is NO legitimate socialite scene in Dallas. I've lived here long enough to know that for a fact. $100 says that this show only makes it through a maximum of 1 season before it gets cancelled. I'd rather watch Police Women Of Dallas re-runs... at least the people on that show, even the arrestees, were "real" about it.

  10. What a cast of "wanna be's" and "posers"
    Nothing special or at all compelling about these people...

    If that's the best Dallas has to offer then this show is one and done....
    Doubt we will have to endure a 2nd season of this lame excuse for a show.

  11. Matt....A guy who says he was star QB but played so little at Texas that he didn' teven need to wear a uniform.
    Here is is freebie: If you can't get of the bench in college you will never play in the Pro's.
    Tara.... Some plastic chic who has been engaged 4 times....yes 4 times!!!!! WoW what a great catch she is, NOT!!!!
    Glenn.... Who is this dude & why is he even on this show ????? He looks like Billy Zane which is not a compliment. An NFL punter aka "who cares"
    Courtney....typical Dallas gold digger.... Too bad she's about as boring as talking to a tree.
    The Gay guy....well maybe he will at least add some personality and/or flair to this dull group.

    Who cast this SAD group of people ????
    They are not the movers or shakers of Dallas, more like the 30k millionaires and catty gossip girls
    They make Dallas look "Douchy, Desperate, Dingy and Dumb!!!

  12. I hope you will actually watch the show and get to know the cast before you make judgements. I did the same thing and at first glance throught Glenn would be a real douchebag. I have met him a few times and from what I hear from others, he is a real sweetie and a good guy. Bravo is going for typecasting to make the show TV-worthy. We'll just have to "watch and see what happens"!

  13. For starters, who picked this cast of Dallas losers? Matt Nordgren is a real douche that tries to fit in to a crowd that will never accept him. Matt Nordgren is a balding desperate troll that played like one game at UT, and then got kicked out of professional ball because he is a pansy. Drew Ginsberg states, “I can’t find a man in Dallas because they all know I’m rich. So I have to meet men in other cities." Really Drew? So you go on a third rate cable show to flaunt your dads wealth. STUPID! And Tara Harper is just a bitch that thinks she is hot. Honey, loosen the girdle and touch-up the roots!

  14. Should be fun! We can all laugh at them while they try to pretend they are somebody. These creatures are the laughing stock of TRUE Dallas society. They shamelessly try to pose on a cable network nobody watches. Hey, cupcakes, if you truly were someone you would be on primetime. You're on this channel so we can make fun of you for being fake. hhahahahaha

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  16. I met Glenn at his residence along with his roommates in Dallas this summer. He didn't know me but yet he helped me move in 108 degree weather. All smiles, polite and a stand up guy. All you haters judging people you haven't even met need to grow up.

    Good Luck with this season Glenn - however Go Cowboys!