Friday, March 25, 2011

Who is Glenn Pakulak?

Listen up Reality TV fanatics. I have scoop! 

Last week, I attended a fashion show for Dallas designer, Courtney Russell. You couldn't help but notice the film crew that was following this one guy around.

They say 'curiosity killed the cat' but you know me, I laugh in the face of death! Ha ha! So, I went up to the production staff to find out more, but they were pretty tight lipped.  What I got out of them was that they were with BRAVO, the guy's name was Glen Pickwick (at least I thought that's what the girl said) and they were filming a show called Most Eligible.


So, I posed the question to you - the readers - and asked, "Who the heck is Glen Pickwick?" My in-box started filling up faster than Neimans at a half-off shoe sale with readers wanting to tell me what they knew about the cast and show.

Meet (some of) the cast of BRAVO TV's upcoming dating reality show
Most Eligible Dallas

Landon Ledford, Nell Skylar (who I'm told is not a primary cast member), Glenn Pakulak, Courtney Kerr,  
Daylon Periera and Tara Harper. Drew Ginsburg and Matt Nordgren are in the cast but not pictured.

First off, let me correct myself. The guy in question isn't named Glen Pickwick. He's actually Glenn Pakulak, who is currently signed with the Oakland Raiders.  What he's doing in Dallas, I'm not sure.  And is it me or does Courtney Kerr look just like Trista Sutter from The Bachelor.

I'm just sayin'...

So, what's the concept of the show? Think Friends but instead of hanging out at a coffee shop, they are prowling nightclubs and charity events.  A friend of one of the cast members emailed me to say that, "They have been filming since the Superbowl and will film through mid-June."  Word has it that the show will air sometime over the Summer.


photo credit: Bob Manzano