Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend Fun - Party 3

Early Monday, my sister Jennie called, and invited us over for an impromptu swim and BBQ. My brother-in-law is about the best grill-master in the world, so I try to never miss a party where he's cooking! He did not disappoint. Bratwurst, hot dogs, burgers... it was a feast. There were a couple of other families there as well. So, lots of kids and fun.

They just got a new chocolate lab puppy (seen below with Jennie). His name is Boomer and he is about 10 weeks old. There's just not much cuter than a puppy.

Michael spent his time in the water getting attacked by the boys. They were playing keep-away with a volleyball. Below, Little Man is clutching the ball. Michael has Little Man and Hunter and his friend, JT, were trying to get Little Man free. The game then shifted to actual volleyball with Little Man and Elizabeth creating a make-shift net for the boys.

Then, Jennie's friend Kim, got mad at Randy for some smart remark he made about her (imagine that) and kicked him with her foot, throwing him off-balance and into the pool. As he was going in, his reaction was to throw whatever was in his hand away from him - which happened to be a double old-fashioned glass. Only problem was, he threw it towards me. Smashed into my knee, busted it open and I started bleeding and now my knee has a HUGE welt on it. He had his Blackberry and his wallet in his pocket. Needless to say, he was not happy. At all. And that pretty much ended the party. But, for the 6 hours before that unfortunate incident, we had a great time! All in all, a good holiday!