Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sex Sells

I walked into the D Magazine offices yesterday for work and was struck by the magazine rack in the corner of the lobby where guests to the office wait. The new June issues of D had just been put out, as you can see in the vertical magazine rack in front of the large D logo painting.

What I thought was funny, is that the cover story is titled Sex and the Single Woman. Only, in this magazine rack, all you can see as you walk in is Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex. What a first introduction to D Magazine.

The other ironic thing, is that the woman on the cover is Janine Turner (actress who was on that 90s TV show Northern Exposure and now lives in Dallas) and the big thing she's promoting right now is her Christian Yoga video. How horrified do you think she'll be when she sees this.

Gave me quite a chuckle.

Well, if it's true that "sex sells". This should be our best selling issue this year...

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