Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day 2008

Little Man had a birthday slumber-party last night (Yea! Free date night!) Randy and I went out for sushi and spent the rest of the evening watching HGTV home make-over shows - my favorite! Got up this morning - and because it was Father's Day - went to Starbucks and got Randy a big latte and the Sunday paper. Picked up Little Man and when we got home, we presented Randy with his Father's Day gift: the new PlayStation2 Lego Indiana Jones game.

Little Man and Randy played this game from 11 am to 3 pm. The only reason they quit playing, is because I forced him to come with me to swim at ET's. Randy had to "finish his level" which took him another two hours. Um-hum.

I know it will shock you to hear that we spent the afternoon/evening at Cenote and Venus' for a Father's Day BBQ/swim party.

What can I say, I got a good thing going on.

They had friends in from Denver, Colorado: Greg, Jan and their college-aged daughter, Samantha. Great family. Their neighbors, John and Lolly also came over. And Venus' sister, Diana. Cenote smoked a pork butt that was divine. Can someone please explain to me why they call it a pork butt - when it's the shoulder. Can't figure that one out. But it's good. No matter what they call it!

We had a spirited game of Marco Polo. And a torpedo contest. Have you seen those big torpedo's for the pool (That look like a big dildo? Well, they do!)? You know what I'm talking about?

The kids throw them and they shoot like a rocket under the water. We all took turns standing at one end of the pool and seeing who could throw the torpedo and have it go the farthest to the other end of the pool. You got "style" points. Cenote judged those. Little Man came in first, Diana second and Cenote third. Handed out ribbons and everything.

ET and Samantha had made homemade pies earlier in the day. So we had pecan and blueberry pie for dessert. Quite a night.