Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yee-Haw! Ride 'Em Cowboy!

I was watching Fox 4 News Friday morning and they had some riders from the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) on promoting their appearance at the AAC this weekend. It looked cool, so I called up my friend at the marketing office at the AAC and scored us 4 tickets to go see us some Cowboys get their booties kicked from some mean bulls on Saturday night.

We had a Mother/Son evening with me and Little Man and Venus and ET. It was like walking around in another dimension. I'm so used to living the sophisticated, cosmopolitan city life that it was weird to see this invasion of rural America from the suburbs. Even the little kids had on their cowboy hats with lots of signatures on them (I guess from all the bull riders, like NASCAR or something) and steel-toed cowboy boots, little polka dot square-dancing skirts with matching straw cowboy hats, the works.

I told Venus that if I stayed in Denison (shudder) and married some yahoo from Denison High (like 95% of my classmates) that would have been my life.

Kill. Me. Now.

It was interesting to us that there were mostly whites there, and a lot of Hispanics but not one black person did we see. Cultural thing I guess. Just an observation.

I came home and told Randy that all his people were there - the hard-core Republican set. At the beginning of the event, they had the Marines come out and do a "presentation of the colors" thing with the flag. And there was the prerequisite up-and-coming country singer who sang the National Anthem - badly (why can't anyone just sing the song anymore without having to add all of their trills and shrills that they think are "adding" to their performance. It's not.) And the announcer talked, in his best Moviephone voice, about how we "live in the greatest country in the world" and how we "need to support the troops" and then there were fireworks. I'm all for patriotism, so it was okay. But I told Venus, "Do not even think about uttering the word "Obama" in here or we are dead." Then the show started and it was exciting to see all the cowboys get bucked off in about 2-3 seconds. And when someone did make it the whole 8 seconds, people were up on their feet stomping and cheering. It was very exciting and the boys loved it. Something fun and different to do.