Sunday, August 31, 2008

Splish Splash

Last night, Little Man and I went to an "end-of-summer" celebration at the KC Pool (Knight of Columbus Pool) with my friend Elise and her twins, Holden and Isabella.

Photo 1: Little Man and Bella Photo 2: Bella, her friend, Ava, Holden and Little Man

I like the KC Pool for a couple of reasons:
1) they serve alcohol. Beer/Wine/Margaritas and $1 Jello Shots. Gotta love that.
2) they have a full-service kitchen so you can get good food. At the UP Pool, they only have snacks (candy/ice cream) and a microwave for hotdogs and nachos.
3) they have a huge slide that the kids love.

And last night the HUGE bonus was that it was 80's night so they had a DJ out there playing all the hits from the 80's, which as you know, is the best music of all time and allowed Elise and I to relive our glory days and remember when we were younger, thinner, could hold our liquor and stay up past 11 pm.

Isabella takes a ride down the slide

Little Man and Holden on the slide

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