Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Ghost of Mrs. Crockett

Anyone who has been to my house, knows about the little old lady who lived across the street from us.

She passed away last December at the the ripe old age of 90-something. She kind of kept to herself. After she passed, her nephew told me that her Mother moved to this house with Grace and her sister after their father died in 1939.

Her sister grew up, married and moved away. Grace lived with her mother in this house and when her Mother passed, it was left to her. She used to be a gift wrap designer for Neiman Marcus in the 1950's. She was a real peach, I really liked her.

She never married and her heirs (two nephews) have just decided to list the house - which will obviously be scraped. It's a 3/2 with no central air and a detached garage.

Are you ready for this, they have listed this house for "land value" at $825,000. This is not a typo. $825,000. All I have to say is if they get this... I am putting my house on the market tomorrow for $2 million.

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