Friday, September 12, 2008

Parkie Pic of the Week

For those of you who live outside the area, University Park and Highland Park are together called Park Cities. Citizens of these fabled towns are called "Parkies". Hence, my weekly fun feature which I call "Parkie Pic of the Week" in which I like to highlight an unusual or spectacular feature of my neighborhood.

This is a perfect example of why I generally believe that something old is better than something new. There are a couple of these extravagant entrances into neighborhoods in Park Cities - two actually, that I know of. They serve no real purpose other than to give you something pretty to look at as you enter a neighborhood. I have never in all my years, actually seen someone pausing to rest a spell on one of these fine benches, for they sit right on busy streets. But I can imagine that when they were built, way back when, there were far fewer cars on the roads and far fewer houses on the streets - so maybe they were actually used a gathering points for neighbors to commune.

Who knows. But they are awfully pretty to look at now, as I whiz past in my car.

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